A little something about myself and how I fell in love with photography.



In the year 2009 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4 which was spread to my lymph nodes. At the time I was working in the automotive industry which I really loved. Unfortunately, even though I tried to keep working during my treatments and operations, my boss fired me because my chances of survival were slim. My job was also my hobby so this left me with a void. But I didn't give up and kept on fighting and going strong. And thank god I survived. Now over 8 years later I'm still not in the clear. But my cancer came to a stand still a couple of years ago and can not spread or grow any further. So I am very happy about that. But because of all the treatments and operations I got a lot of complications. This is still the case as we speak. And due to my illness and complications I am still unable to work at this moment.


In the year 2011 I met my soulmate for life. I told him everything about my illness and the consequences but he still choose to be with me. We are now engaged and hope to get married in the near future. It is because of him I came in contact with photography. He is a great artist in so many ways. I am his biggest fan. One of his talents is photography. But due to his work as CEO and head designer in his own company, his photography hobby was put on a side track. But he did show me a lot of his photographs and told me a lot about photography itself. I've always liked taking photos for fun. But I wasn't busy with actual photography and it`s technical aspects. But it was my soulmate who saw a talent in me when I showed him a couple of photos I took. He kept on pushing me to go for it. I really started my photography hobby early this year (2016) with his old Canon EOS 300D camera. And that's where my love for photography started growing really fast.


Now I have great photography gear and I am still expanding.....

I've been using a Canon EOS 760D with several lenses,tripod and filters for a year. What an amazing camera this was. But I sold the 760D and bought a new Canon EOS 77D.


This is a part of my life that I wanted to share with you. I hope my story will be an inspiration to many of you and a reminder to never give up! Keep on fighting and try to focus on the positive. And remember it's okay to have a bad day...allow those days. Because without a bad day there wouldn't be a good day. 


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"


Believe in yourself and try to do something that you love...everyone has one or more talents. Maybe you won't know about them for a long a time. But when you least expect it they might surface and give a new meaning to your life.




My Photography is My Zen.


Before you take a look at my photographs... I also started a blog in addition to my bio, actually to my life with and after cancer. Please read my blog if you want and keep up with the new blogs I will write

(they will be in Dutch and English).

Thank you!